Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 2

This morning I walked 1.5 miles, then had a fruit smoothie for breakfast.  For lunch I ate one hard-shell taco from Taco Bell, a small piece of leftover chicken with rice and corn, and unsweet tea.  Tonight I went to an ESL training that started at 2:00 and ended at 9:00.  So, I did BAD.....let's see, I ate two mall muffins, two small cookies, and a pack of peanut butter crackers throughout the night.  And for supper I had chicken from Whole Hog, beans, and a roll PLUS a coke.  Oh my, sugar, sugar, sugar!!  I knew I was doing bad as I ate this stuff, but I didn't pack any snacks that were healthy and I needed the sugar to keep me awake during the training.  I realize that making good food choices requires planning ahead for situations that are not part our the normal routine.

I will have the training all day tomorrow (8:00-5:00) so I will probably take tomorrow off from walking but hopefully will make better food choices!! :)