Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Clothes War III

Today I feel the need to be transparent.  I feel the need to confess.  I know that my confession will make some judge, but others will be comforted by the fact that everyone has their hidden issues.  There is a war raging in my house today and I am determined to come up victorious!  :)  With two more people in the house, comes two more people worth of clothes.  Add a busy schedule to that and the result is that if you at least have clean clothes....you are winning the battle.  But today I plan to win the war......all those clean clothes are going down......or is that up (in their drawers)!! 

Here is my confession:  for the past few weeks I have had several tubs of clean clothes at the end of my bed.  In the mornings after I make my bed, I dump the piles on the bed and we stir around to find what people are looking for.  As clothes get washed, they just get added to the pile.  I usually make a mental note to do some folding that day "when I get a chance."  At about 10:00 each night, when I can barely keep my eyes open anymore, I rake all the clothes off the bed back into the baskets and hope for better luck tomorrow in the folding department.  There it is.  The truth is out. 

But today will be different.  Today I have on my fighting shoes.  When I made the bed this morning and dumped the piles, I told them that this would be the day of their defeat!  :) 

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating; here is documented proof!  ;) 
Well, I must go now.   As you can see, I have work to do!