Thursday, July 11, 2013

30 Day Challenge

     Whenever I get serious about exercising, getting healthy, losing weight, I always seem to turn to my blog for accountability.  Not sure how a blog keeps me accountable, but none the less, I am taking a 30 day challenge and plan to record it here.  I have 30 days (more or less) before I leave for our family vacation at the beach.  30 days is enough time to create a habit, 30 days is enough time to lose 5 pounds, 30 days is enough time to tone and shape.  So, this is the challenge that I have given myself:  Exercise everyday and eat healthy....and then see what happens!!  I know that if I stick with it I will see the results that I want!  I have two exercise choices that I love.....walking on my treadmill and my exercise trampoline DVD routine.  I plan to log my exercise here as well as eating and weight loss (in numbers lost, not totals!!!)
So here goes:

DAY 1:  I walked 1.5 miles this morning then had a fruit shake for breakfast.  I ate pizza for lunch (not so great, I know) and then ate chicken covered with beans and cheese, rice, and corn for supper.  I am about to have some yogurt for my bedtime snack (probably not the best, but less sugary than some of the things I eat at bedtime sometimes).  I drank some water, but I could do more.  I will try to drink more tomorrow.

I am actually looking forward to getting up in the morning to walk.  The secret is that I have to go to bed at night in order to get up, but  I love staying up late hanging out with my husband.  We will watch TV, EAT, and talk.  That has to change.....and Robert has agreed to help me.  Last night he moved to the kitchen to eat his UNHEALTHY bedtime snack and watch the news, so that I could go ahead and go to bed.  I was asleep by 10:30 and rested by 7:00.  In fact I woke up at 5:50 when he was leaving for work.....I had no idea that it was actually light outside at 5:30.  Who knew?  Definitely not me this summer! ha!  I have to be in bed by 11:00 for my plan to work, so I gotta go!