Sunday, September 25, 2011


     I stumbled upon a cute idea that I wanted to share with other moms with little ones that take a lunch with them to school/preschool/etc.  Both of my kids take a lunch everyday that they go to school.   I always try to pack them a little something sweet.  Not a huge dessert, just something small.  I was rummaging around in our candy stash in the pantry, trying to find something "peanut" free and school approved.  :)  I found a few Hershey kisses and threw a few in their lunch boxes each.  The next day I rummaged around in the candy stash and did the same.  In the mornings as I pack their lunches, they are sitting at the bar eating breakfast. So I just commented "Hey, I'm putting kisses in your lunchboxes again today."  Of course, I meant Hershey kisses, but it gave me a great idea!  I started laughing and I said the same thing again, but with a twinkle in my eye.  "Hey, I'm putting kisses in your lunchbox." and I added a big lip smacking sound!  Ha!  They looked at each other and laughed!  :)  They are used to me being silly and weird!  Now it is our secret thing!  I always put kisses in their lunchbox, so that they know that I love them.  Luckily my kids don't get homesick too bad while at school, but for a child that did this would be a great way to send encouragement with them.  I wish I could see my kids' faces when they see their "kisses" from mom.  I bet they chuckle a little at their silly mom.  But you know what, I also bet that they know their mom loves them more than anything else in the world.....and that is good enough for me!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Being Obedient

     This past Sunday night I got rebaptized.  What?  Rebaptized?  You are probably that theologically sound?  Well, no.  Once a person becomes a Christian, they only need to be baptized once.  In my faith, baptism does not save a person.  It is only an outward display (or testimony) of what has happened to change a person on the inside (in their heart, soul and mind). 
     I believe that a person must come to a point when they decide if they are going to believe that the Bible is truth and that God really is the creator of all things (not that the Big Bang accidentally created us). They must decide if they will accept that Jesus did in fact come to earth as a man and sacrifice His perfect life on a cross, so that each person can be forgiven of their sins and go to heaven.  Every person has to decide if they are going to accept that gift for themselves or not.  I also believe that once a person has asked Jesus to save them, then they can never loose their salvation.
     When I was six or seven years old, I made a profession of faith, saying that I wanted Jesus Christ to be my Savior.  I was baptized at that time.  As I continued to get older and understand more about what it meant to make Jesus the boss of my life, I began to wonder if I had completely understood when I was six.  Satan would make me doubt whether or not  I was a Christian or not.
     One night when I was 13 years old, I decided I wanted to nail down my salvation, so that Satan could never use that against me.  I can remember kneeling in my bathroom floor and praying.  I told God that I wanted to get this nailed down, so that Satan could never make me doubt my salvation.  I thanked God for being in my life and I told Him that I wasn't sure if I had understood what being a Christian completely meant at six, but now I knew I understood the sacrifice that Jesus made for me and I wanted to accept  Him and ask Him to forgive me of my sins.  I wanted to not only invite Him to be apart of my life, but to control my life.  I trusted in the plan He had for me and I wanted that, too.
     From that day forward I never doubted my salvation.  Have I been perfect? No, but I have never doubted who I am in Christ and He has never left me.  I have tried to make a conscious effort throughout my life to let Him lead, not me.  So far, that is working out pretty good!  :) 
    Recently God prodded me that I needed to be rebaptized, because my salvation experience (which was at 13) actually happened after I had been baptized.   At first I questioned Him.  Everybody knows that I am a Christian now, so what would be the point?  Also my daughter who is seven has already made a profession of faith.  I didn't want this to confuse her and make her question the decision that she made.  Plus, I feared that someone might misunderstand and think that I had just become a Christian.  God and I "discussed" this for several weeks.  I kept telling Him all these things, but I still heard that still, small voice saying that I needed to be obedient.  So, I humbled myself and took that step out.  I now have my acceptance of Christ and my baptism in the right order!!  :)  No one would have ever known that I was being disobedient to something God was leading me to do.  But God would have known and that disobedience was already creating distance between us.  I didn't want anything standing between me and my relationship with God.  
    I wonder how many Christians are "arguing" with God about something they know He is telling them to do.  Sometimes it doesn't always make sense, but God can see the bigger picture.  I chose to trust Him and be obedient. 
     Just for fun, I posted pictures of me from both times I got baptized.  I have no plans to add anymore pictures to this collection.  Ha! My salvation and baptism are officially squared away! 

This is my grandmother, Margery M. Eley, pictured with me here.  She was a huge part of my childhood, but passed away when I was eight years old.  That makes me realize the impact a person can have on a person during those first years.

My childhood pastor, Dr. David Blase.  He actually just retired from my childhood church after 25 years of service.

This is me and Dave Hughey, the associate pastor at my present church home.  I got to know him very well the past two summers as we served together in Peru.  He is an awesome man of God and is very special to me.

Can you tell I was scared to death??!!!!  I look so serious and sad.......I think I did smile a little bit right before he baptized me.
     Want to guess what His sermon was about that night?  He preached from Matthew 5:13 about Christians being the salt of the earth.  I was amazed, because that is the scripture that God led me to when I restarted my blog awhile back!  Our God is amazing and He works in very cool ways.  I have no doubt that one of the reasons God led Dave to preach from that text was for my benefit.  My God wanted to assure me that He was pleased with my obedience and that He still has a plan for my life.  I am so excited to see what is next!  I know that He desires for me to keep taking steps toward Him and "passing the salt" along the way!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Go Bryant!

Last night we went to the Salt Bowl football game where the two rivals, Bryant and Benton played each other.  I have no idea why it is called the Salt Bowl, but it is always held at War Memorial Stadium instead of at the hometown stadiums.  Our towns are located right beside each other, so they are huge rivals.  Tons of people come out to support their home team, so it is a big deal and so much fun!!  Before the game they had a huge tail-gate party where local businesses gave away tons of free stuff, including hot dogs, cokes, etc. 

My babies showing their Bryant spirit!

The fam with Ned Perme, Channel 7 Meteorologist

Sophie, Victoria, and Carson with Buzz.  Victoria came home from school one day saying that she knew a secret.  Her teacher had told her who was in the Buzz costume this year.  Actually it is a "Buzzette" this year.  I could tell you the secret, but then what fun would that be!!!!  :)

The kids almost got to be on TV live, but I guess they ran out of time, because they never came back to them live.

The reporter felt bad for getting them excited and then not delivering, so he let them hold his mic!

Tori trying out the mic!  Maybe we have the next Diane Sawyer on our hands!

Tori with her friend, Emma, and her lil' sis, Eden
This is Emma and Tori at the Salt Bowl last year.  Amazing how fast they grow up!

This is Carson's teacher, Mrs. Tanya.  He can't wait to finally start school this next Wednesday!

Tori and me

How cute is Maggie with those Shirley Temple ringlets?!!  Her mom, Natalie,  and dad, Jeremy, went to college with Robert and me.  Natalie grew up in Bryant and they live here again now.
Tori with her friend, Torin

Torin liked the stickers on Tori's face and wanted a pair.

Torin and Tori......lovin' how they both are missing some teeth!
We had a great night and the fact that Bryant WON made it even better!!  Go Bryant!